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Finca El Cedral is located in Jesús de Otoro, right between the Opalaca and Montecillos coffee regions of southeastern Honduras. This coffee comes from a Pareinema varietal, which is of Honduran origin. Producer Reinel Funez used the washed method to process these cherries, resulting in a fresh and lively cup full of chocolatey, peachy, and berry notes.

At 1680 meters above sea level, this small, family farm is run by Galeano co-founders Francisco and Daniel Galeano's great-uncle. It's a beautiful oasis complete with a fresh water spring. Reinel uses this spring to provide water to two surrounding villages in Jesús de Otoro. 


Having a direct relationship with the producers themselves is an important factor that makes us stand out as a brand. We don't buy our coffee from an importer; we visit the origin at least four times a year, meeting with the producers and building lasting relationships. By cutting out the middleman, we ensure that each producer receives a just price. To us, that's what it's all about.


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