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Coffee Tour

A unique journey to experience coffee, firsthand .

Travel to Origen

From Cherry to Cup

Where better to learn about coffee than the origin!


Allow us to take you on a journey—one that will deepen your appreciation of one of the world's greatest shared rituals. This tour will allow you to experience all that goes into growing, tending, harvesting, processing, roasting, and ultimately preparing a cup of coffee: the life cycle from cherry to cup.


Roastery Tour and Tasting

Tour our coffee roasting facility and learn the ins and outs of the final step in the process of getting coffee from the farm to your cup. Finish your tour with a coffee tasting and experience the diverse flavors of coffee grown in regions all over Honduras.

Coffee & Culture

There's much more to experience than the strictly technical side of coffee—that's why ​our approach is a wholistic one. While learning and experiencing all things coffee, take time to appreciate the culture of the people that cultivate it. Enjoy traditional dishes, immerse yourself in the rich Mayan history that Copán Ruinas has to offer, and discover the ecological wonders that surround the coffee farm.


Interested in the Experience?

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