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Our Duraznito blend comes from the Honduran coffee region Montecillos (Marcala la paz)  known for it's unique micro-climate. Fresh cold nights and tropical warm days allow each cherry to mature slowly over time, giving this coffee a naturally sweet taste with a smooth texture. 

These cherries were processed using the washed method, allowing the flavors characteristic of the Montecillos reigion to shine through; you'll find notes of tropical fruit, berries, and tart apricot present in this bright and lively blend.

This blend is comprised of multiple small-scale growers’ harvests, all located in the Montecillos coffee region.

Having a direct relationship with the producers themselves is an important factor that makes us stand out as a brand. We don't buy our coffee from an importer; we visit the origin at least four times a year, meeting with the producers and building lasting relationships. By cutting out the middleman, we ensure that each producer receives a just price. To us, that's what it's all about.


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